Project Raven

Ravens are corvids that are attracted to decay and carrion. The project is hence named as one which tracks and compiles data on the social decay that is espoused and proliferated by individuals and organizations that promote pedophilia or child abuse narratives in academia.

Project Raven is a collaborative exercise in archiving and analyzing the online activities of pro-pedophilia organizations and their members. Project Raven includes a research team comprised of academics, technologists, psychologists with law enforcement backgrounds, information science, child abuse prevention, and computer forensics experts.

Network Graph

Data assembled into a network graph by Dr. Alaric Naudé shows connections between individuals and organizations that promote pedophilia or child abuse narratives in academia. The graph is in a state of gradual evolution and will continue to change as more data is added to the algorithm (nodes and connections may be added or removed to reflect the most up to date data).

Tracking the Possible Spread of Paedophilic and Queer Ideology in Academia | Graph Commons
Names on the graph are of individuals/universities/ organisations who: Have openly advocated paedophilia normalisation. Are funded by organisations that have a vested interest in protecting paedophiles. Are funded by MAP ideology organisations. Individuals who adhere to MAP ideology Individuals who condone or downplay paedophilia. Individuals and/or organisations that place paedophilia as a sexual orientation (paedosexuality) Organisations or individuals that fight against the paedophile stigma. Organisations or individuals that support, condone, or encourage “animated”,“virtual” or real CSAM or child-like sex dolls. Organisations or individuals that in any way paint paedophiles as misunderstood victims of society. Organisations or individuals that argue paedophilia is innate. These are criteria that are based on information provided to me by child protection organisations and law enforcement agencies such as INTERPOL.


Data is collected from primary sources such as statements by individuals, the "academic" work of individuals, news releases, governmental criminal databases, correctional facility databases, organizational websites etc.


The following information is meant as a guide only and is not conclusive. It is designed as a visualization of a specific trend in academia and is a tool not a remedy. Nodes and connections are not chronologically sensitive and certain individuals may be deceased at the time of publication or no longer work with certain groups, universities etc.

Originally published in Graph Commons


In the summer of 2022 our research team archived thousands of files and documents on pro-pedophilia organizations and individuals. We organized the files into an archive and dispatched them to various organizations, including the media industry, and law enforcement.

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In February we filed a complaint with the the Office of the Attorney General of California regarding Prostasia Foundation.