Public Dispatch was established in July 2023 as a collaborative exercise in archiving and analyzing open source intelligence data. Public Dispatch is a journal of public interest communities and their intersection with technological, cultural, social, and political issues.

Our research partnerships are comprised of academics, technologists, psychologists with law enforcement backgrounds, information science experts, professionals specializing in child abuse prevention, and seasoned computer forensics experts. This diverse and multidisciplinary group of peers allows us to bridge the gap between multiple fields, ensuring a comprehensive and nuanced approach to understanding the complex dynamics of contemporary public interest matters.

At Public Dispatch, we are committed to maintaining our independence and objectivity in all our endeavors. We believe that an impartial perspective is vital in analyzing and presenting information accurately. Our commitment to independence means that our research and publications are not influenced by any external organizations, ensuring the integrity and reliability of our work.

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Public Dispatch is 100% independent. We pride ourselves on our autonomy, allowing us to pursue our research with uncompromised integrity. Our autonomy means that our work is solely driven by a dedication to serving the public interest and promoting a deeper understanding of the critical issues we explore.

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